My New Email

From now on email me at My other address gets so much junk mail I can’t tell what’s junk from whats important.

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Member uniform hat

I’ve had some complains about the hat for the member uniform so now it is the red hat. I’m not changing the uniform anymore.

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First Meeting

where: night club lounge

when: August 25th at 5:30 penguin standard time

why: to discuss ranks and news

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i forgot to mention the new nonmember uniforms. It’ll just be the pirate belt the boots and the bracelet. No ice glasses or bunny ears!!!!

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New uniform

Iv’e changed the hat because a lot  of people emailed me and said they didn’t have it. Also our HQ will be the Night Club Lounge. Report their for all meetings.ipss-hq-and-new-hat.jpg

August 16, 2007 at 8:32 am 2 comments

Hello world!

This will be the official online HQ of the IPSS. That’s the International Penguin Army. The leaders are me(Eernie kip) and Comet61. As of now there is one co-leader. That is Ryanmac2797. I may be posting on this site alone but Comet61 should help me out. He doesnt know about the army yet though because he has an ear infection and can’t get on the computer. The member leader uniform is shown below for the army(left). On th right is the nonmember uniform(Comet 61 will have to wear this). Ryanmac2797 will also wear the leader uniform but without the beard and regular members will wear it without the beard or the 3d glasses. the purple hoodie is optional for girls. I know the uniforms are stupid but I might design new ones later depending on what happens.


August 15, 2007 at 1:40 am 3 comments


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